Sunday, October 10, 2010

Airasia Counter Check-In fee 亚航登机收费

Effective 6th October 2010, a Counter Check-In fee will be applicable per person per sector for check in over the airport counter. Please click here for fee structure.
Web Check-In will still remain FREE.

Airasia Web Check-In will be available from 7 days, up to 4 hours before your scheduled flightdeparture time(s). If both your departing and return flights are within 7 days from the time you Check-In(via Web) then both boarding passes can be printed.

The following guest(s) will NOT be able to utilise our Web Check-In services, but will be exempted from Counter Check-In fee

  1. Expectant mothers
  2. Guest(s) travelling with infant(s)
  3. Guest(s) with reduce mobility and those with special needs
  4. Guest(s) travelling to Australia (requires Pre-immigration clearance)
  5. More than 9 guest(s) under one booking number
  6. Guest(s) who have purchased ticket(s) under our flight transfer service
  7. Credit card & EGV voucher bookings made via internet or call centre, departing within 24 hours from the time of booking
Kuala Lumpur LCCT airport:
Document check counters are available at the Departure Gate Entrance (for guests without baggage only).
Baggage drop counters are available at dedicated counters.

Other airports:
Document check and baggage drop counters are available at dedicated self Check-In counters.

Important note:
Please ensure that your travel documents have been verified and that your boarding pass is stamped with our document check verification stamp before proceeding to the Departure Gates. The self Check-In boarding pass is not valid unless stamped with our document check verification stamp.
Kindly ensure compliance to Article 6.5 and 6.6 of our Terms and Conditions of Carriage. It is your responsibility to meet the stipulated timelines.


暂时是D7 flight ~
D7都是长途机 airasia X




Anonymous said...

ur word-background contrast is very bad

Hayley said...

Wow, great information!
Thanks for sharing~

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